Under The Croation Sun PB Cover copy

Many dream about upping sticks and leaving the humdrum of urban living for a new life of blue skies, warm sun and sparking seas – so for Anthony and Ivana Stancomb, moving from Fulham to the island of Vis, the remotest island off the coast of Croatia, was an easy enough decision. However, fitting in with not the friendliest of islands, was one of the hardest things they’d ever had to do, and it took time to win over their new community.

Under a Croatian Sun takes the reader on a journey to a bizarre, ramshackle village by the water – a place defined by its colourful and often tragic history, its unique café culture, its fishing tradition and its potent wine.
It traces their transformation from foreigners to islanders against a backdrop of feuding families, fearsome grandmothers, star-cross’d lovers, mafia-run night clubs, and the establishment of an island cricket team. A warming and amusing account of how home can be wherever you make it.

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