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Anthony Stancomb was educated at Wellington College, St Andrews University and the London School of Film.

He first worked in Feature films and on political documentaries, and this led to arranging a private mercy airlift operation to Biafra. After being shot down, he joined the BBC and later moved to ITV where he produced programmes on social issues and the arts.

In his mid-thirties he left television to set up his own company which promoted and sold British contemporary art to galleries abroad,and over the next twenty years, he created a worldwide network of art distribution that grew to have an annual turnover of £10 million.

Discovered the island of Vis in his fifties and realising that running a commercial global business was not what he wanted to do for the rest of his life, when the war ended, he sold the company and moved to the island with his wife.

His wife, Ivana, is the winner of the Woman of the Year Award for Literature (2000), and granddaughter of the Croatian sculptor Ivan Mestrovic. They have two children who live in London, and they now divide their time in between Vis and Fulham.