Doing Porridge in Croatia

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Cobija FIRST CONFESSION ‘I skinned my half past four tons of potatoes. My conscience is calm ‘

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Former Minister Sanader Čobanković reveals what it’s all learned during the completion of his sentence

Čobanković a month ago he did the last shift of extra workers in the Caritas soup kitchen Đakovačko-Osijek Archdiocese of Osijek. For the last 730 hours of the former Minister of Agriculture, Regional Development and then Vice President of the HDZ Governments Ivo Sanader and Jadranka Kosor had to peel potatoes, onions clean, washing dishes … so did the imprisonment of one year for an affair mountain.

Popular Cobia made a deal, pleaded guilty to the offense with which he was charged, and a one-year prison sentence was replaced with community service. The law says that it is two hours of work a day in prison. Total of 730 hours. Since the 15th July last year for the first time entered the space in which to prepare meals for the poorest people of Osijek, and until 21st January this year was “did the time” and his last sentence penal potatoes, Čobanković is often mentioned as a synonym for a perfunctory sentence potato peelings.

“If Čobanković for loss of 30 million punished potato peelings, can we peel the potatoes, but we will not pay the penalty,” sent a message to the peasants from Slavonia and Baranja fields. Something like last week said the young SDP judicial trooper Pedja Grbin , after his party colleague Justice Minister Orsat Miljenić announced the possibility of legislative changes which would be in cases of corruption in the future prevent a perfunctory imprisonment with community service. “Case Čobanković we are no longer allowed to repeat”, underlined Grbin

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