The Cricket on Vis

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Now that my second book looks like it might be coming out, I’d like to set the record straight about how the Vis cricket club really came about.

I actually had precious little to do with getting it started, and I originally wrote what really happened (ie me only contributing a small amount of equipment, money and talk), but my editor told me that unless the story had an Englishman involved in starting a cricket team, no one would be interested in it – so I changed the story accordingly. The club’s existence, in fact, was almost entirely due to the perseverance of its doughty captain Oliver Roki, a remarkable man – batsman, bowler winegrower, chef – the sort who can turn his hand to anything. As you can imagine getting  cricket going again in a far distant island where no one knew the first thing about it, required superhuman effort and ingenuity, and it was a shining example of how the almost impossible can be achieved if you put your back into it.


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